Welcome to the Balco Early Payment Program

Improve cash flow on demand with early invoice payments. There's no paperwork, fees, or commitments - and Balco still pays you directly.


Cash flow when you want it

Simple, low-cost early invoice payments from Balco

No Third Parties

Payments come directly from Balco


Available whenever you need to improve cash flow or view approved invoices

Complete Control

Choose which invoices to discount and at what rate

"The rates are reasonable, and the early release of our bill payments is very useful in managing our cash flows and balance sheet metrics."

Assistant General Manager
Chemical Supply Company


What is C2FO?

C2FO is the technology provider behind Balco’s Early Payment Program. The C2FO platform provides a secure portal to request early invoice payments on demand.


How the program works

Balco partnered with C2FO to give you an easy, low-cost way to improve cash flow. They upload the invoices— you request early payment.

  • Sign up for free

    Create your account

  • Select invoices and set your rate

    When you need funding, review available invoices and choose a discount to offer.

  • Get paid by Balco

    Once your offer is accepted, payment comes directly from Balco. Usually within 24 hours.

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Read the welcome letter from Harshpal Singh, Head Commercial of Balco


Frequently asked questions

Getting started takes less than five minutes. Register your account and provide your Balco Vendor ID (often found on invoices).

Contact Information

Get in touch with the Balco Early Payment Program team today.

  • balco@c2fo.com
  • 022-67801515
  • 1 800 266 7760 (India Toll Free)